Meubelbedrijf, meubelmakers sinds 1996 in Paramaribo Suriname

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About us

RK Furniture NV

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"An innovative and enthusiastic organization, We add value to living"

RK Furniture and Services NV is a woodworking company that stands for craftsmanship, customization, knowledge & quality. We are a company that originated from Bouwbedrijf Manohar NV (since 1996) that has privatized its furniture and woodworking activities in this new company.

Our team consists of

  • Management & Management : 4 persons.
  • Design & Calculation: 1 person.
  • Furniture makers: 3 people.
  • Woodworkers: 3 people.
Foundation for Forest Management and Forest Supervision

RK Furniture NV is a member of the Forest Management and Forest Supervision Foundation. SBB aims to promote sustainable and optimal use of forests. Forest Management Foundation
and Forest Surveillance
 applies the guidelines as stated
in the Forest Management Act

new product line -rk furniture nv

With the implementation of the project environmentally friendly wood products, a new product line is introduced and developed. The aim of this project is to use scraps from logging and from sawmills to produce table tops in the first phase. Other products will be developed at a later stage. On the basis of agreements with the owners, wood and sawmill residues will be collected regularly from the concession areas, the wood storage and at the sawmill.

RK Manohar NV

A professional team of Bouwbedrijf Manohar nv. takes care of the construction process from A to Z, whether it concerns new construction, renovation, renovation, maintenance or restoration; A multifunctional and traditional construction company, complete from A to Z!

Construction company RK Manohar NV builds Turnkey and Casco homes. We are happy to inform you about our current projects.
construction company

RK Manohar NV

Turnkey homes and Casco construction

Mobile & WhatsApp : (+597) 711 5551
Mobile : (+597) 718 4400 – Office: (+597) 331 252