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Our products

Our expert team designs, prepares and manufactures products using dried wood, panel materials and accessories. Through the right combination of choice of materials, production process and budget, we strive to supply our customers with high-quality end products.

RK Furniture NV stands for:

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bathroom furniture



  • chairs
  • Built-in wardrobes
  • bookcases
  • Tables, side tables
  • kitchen cabinets
  • bathroom furniture
  • desks

         hardwood door

Windows, doors and frames


  • frames
  • Leak sills for window frames
  • Wooden (glass) fronts
  • Stained glass windows
  • Windows with blinders
  • Flat doors
  • panel doors.

    Windows with blinders

Wooden semi-finished products


  • steps
  • Table tops
  • cabinet doors


Wooden outbuildings

We supply and design outbuildings such as:

  • pergola
  • cabana

           Various Lists

Various moldings and skirting boards


  • Floor skirting boards
  • sanding lists
  • L-Lists
  • Hollow lists
  • block lists
  • moldings
  • Assessment lists
  • Ceiling moldings

     Other types of wood

Other wood products

We also supply raw and planed wood:

  • Rabathout
  • Floor wood
  • ceiling laths
  • Rough sawn wood
  • Polished Wood
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